Roxan Hill: Death of the blue flower

Death of the Blue Flower

Working in an exclusive, high-end rehab clinic in Germany, ex-con Alicia Petersen does her job well enough to get through the day. Battered by life, she’s generally not one for conversation, escaping her dreary existence through daydreams of her childhood. These dreams and the friendship of Miriam Morgenroth, an elderly patient, are all that keep her going.

One day, Miriam disappears without a trace. But patients do walk away from rehab time and again, so no one suspects foul play—no one except Alicia. Determined to conduct her own search, she asks for help from a chemo-ravaged police detective, Chris Winkler, who jumps at a chance to put his dormant expertise to use in the investigation.

From the Bavarian Alps to the northern German Coast, the two follow a bloody trail into a world of betrayal, revenge, and murder, with motives that reach far back into an appalling past. As Alicia and Chris grow closer, they soon discover that Miriam had many secrets—the sort that threaten the lives of those who attempt to bring them to light.

Will they be able to uncover the truth before the past catches up with them?

Death of the Blue Flower
332 pages, paperback and e-book
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Illustration by: Roxann Hill


Roxann Hill, thriller, translation